Brother GTX BULK


The time has come to go one step further and combine the advantages of the GTX with an innovative bulk ink system, together with a new, improved print head and a whole range of features. The result is a space-saving and reasonably priced industrial direct-to-garment printer for mass production without sacrificing the well-known advantages of the GTX.

Revolutionary New Bulk Ink system

Cost-saving Bulk ink system for high production quantities. Available in 1,8 liter and 18 liter containers.

New Industrial White Print Head Design

New developed white ink print head technology for inside the print head ink circulation. This results in less white ink waste.

Reduced Maintenance & Time

Less Maintenance – no need for morning preparation anymore. Less waiting time – the new cap design leads to less purging time, the larger colour sub-tanks are refilled during the printing process. Print reservation function for higher productivity

Optimal Print Height

The new sensor technology detects whether the distance from the print head to the textile is too much and of course also if the textile could touch the print head. Additional sensor for detecting whether platen is too low, to reduce ink mist and assure print quality. The low sensor function can be disabled if required.

High Speed Print Mode

The new white ink print head design allows the usage of more nozzles than previous models. This allows up to 10% faster printing with special print settings.

Network and USB connection

for full industrial production integration

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