Textile dryers for textile finishing

Continuous dryers for low volumes up to mass production
Our textile dryers dry classic screen printing colours or digital printing inks. With that you achieve a high quality of T-shirts, ready-to-wear textiles, bags, jackets, caps, sportswear, transfers and flocked products.

A step ahead of the market
Dye manufacturers regularly use our facilities to test their screen and digital printing inks for optimum results. For your specific challenges our development team is best equipped and well prepared. After all, we know that superior processing is what ultimately defines the quality of your product. Why gamble with anything less than CHIOSSI E CAVAZZUTI?

COMPACT detail cooling bridge

The COMPACT dryer has been known primarily for its high performance with low consumption and compact design. In order to further expand the advantages of this construction, to keep the price level and to maintain the outstanding quality, we have decided especially for our customers in the textile sector to build up an independent product range based on the previous COMPACT.

This will now close the gap to our large DRYLIGHT dryer in the upper performance range. With the COMPACT FOUR, SIX and EIGHT we are now presenting the new COMPACT product line that is impressive.

The new COMPACT dryers are easy and convenient to configure, can be used flexibly for all textile applications and are suitable for all colour systems. The high volume of air dries every textile efficiently and gently. In addition, all devices are easy to clean, super insulated and energy-efficient.

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