Rotary Screens for industrial Applications

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Industrial Applications

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Turn-key solutions for Industrial Applications

Rotary screen printing offers clear advantages for many industrial and security applications because of its precision, consistency, speed and uninterrupted production. Industrial applications include wallpaper, bank notes, interior decor, medical, adhesives, RFID antennas, solar cells and printed electronics. Our nickel screen technology is used in a number of different disciplines like film perforation, hook and loop tape production, and absolute filtering.

Wallpaper Printing

SPGPrints’ range of Special Screens® enables you to achieve levels of performance with your printing process that used to be considered impossible. Thanks to their unique designs that combines a high mesh count with a large hole size, you can perform extremely fine and detailed printing without blockage.

Security Printing

You can use rotary screen printing for various security applications to authenticate your products. Applications include:

  • bank notes 
  • authenticity labels (such as train / entrance tickets) 
  • scratch-off 
  • tactile and 3D effects

Printed Electronics

Nowadays, electronic components are being printed on roll-to-roll substrates like paper, foil and aluminium. SPGPrints’ rotary screen technology allows you to achieve the right high resolution and thick printed layer needed for these electronic concepts. Applications include:

  • high-frequency RFID antennas    
  • solar cells
  • flexible printed circuits
  • biosensors 

Nonwoven Applications

SPGPrints not only gives your textiles or fabrics the final touch – we are also able to help produce perfect fabrics for different applications. Nonwoven fabrics gain ever more importance nowadays and due to our wide range of products we can also offer special screens for the manufacturing of hydroentangled nonwovens.

Film perforation Applications

The top sheet in e.g. baby diaper or fem-care product predominantly consists of a plastic film that is perforated on our screens. The unsurpassed control we have over geometry and pattern of the screen material has enabled us to very consistently combine high “thickness – Open Area” combinations to support a long life of this production tooling, with high performance plastic films.

Industrial Fasteners (Hook and Loop)

We have developed our knowledge and production processes around screen printing technology to such a standard that we can apply it to completely different applications. Industrial touch fasteners, like hook- (and loop) tape, are one example.

Our customers have adapted their production processes to incorporate screen technology because of the high reliability of our screen material, the consistent screen and hole geometry, and our ability to jointly develop new types of shapes.

Packaging Industry

SPGPrints offers state of the art Pre-press systems for a wide range of different applications within the global packaging industry. High quality and high productivity are finally combined with an attractive level of investment.

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